How to Play solitaire like a pro!!

Solitaire is a very fascinating game in the world today. The game has worn a thousands of people in the global world and its continued popularity has made it a household name today. When we think of a game we can play without interference from other people, a game you can just use your tablet, pc or even your smartphone device and play without anyone noticing what you are up to, solitaire is today’s best option. You can either choose to play your solitaire on your electronic device or play using the regular deck of cards. Whatever you prefer, solitaire is always going to be a fun mind-teasing game regardless of how you play it. Now, let us go through a quick guide on how to play solitaire and become a pro in the world of solitaire. In my write up here, I want to take you through some techniques and thank me later the next time you play your classic solitaire.

The first thing to note is the importance in every solitaire game, is the game setup. This is actually where any game that involves cards should start. Therefor, when you get into your game, try to set the cards layout in the best way possible. When using the deck cards, in a single raw, place six cards facing up and one down. Here leave the jokers out. In the raw you have set, place a face up card on the first face down card, and on the rest piles, continue placing cards facing down.  Continue with this procedure until you reach the seventh pile with a face-up card. The cards you had left out, place them on the left of your arrangement, and later on, they serve as a draw pile. While doing your arrangement, always leave some space at the top where you will build your four suits.

With such arrangement, you are now okay to begin playing your game. Start by building up your four suits. Know that, you are to set a pile that begins with an ace. You should place ace at the top of a pile. When you have a face-up ace card of a suit, ensure you place it at the top. Continue building your four piles by starting with an ace, and go on adding the next card. At this point, do an analysis on your piles by taking a close look with a focused mind and see if there is a card you can manipulate to achieve your desired goal. Place a red card under a black card and ensure that the card you are placing under the other has a lower rank. For example, place black six under a red seven.

The next thing you should know is about emptying the piles. Whenever you have a king that is ready to move, and a pile that has cards that can be taken to the next pile to complete a sequence while you empty your plie, then do so. By doing this, you are giving yourself a chance to form another pile with a king foundation. Just try manipulating a specific card layout and try as much as possible to sort the cards in ascending order. Solitaire games will give you some time to strategize on your move. Just relax and play your game in an analytical mind to ensure the best move possible for a better win. When you play solitaire using deck of cards, it’s advisable to have a stop watch to set your time and discover in every new game, how much time you take less than on the previous game to complete and win your game.

To ensure a possible win, try as much as possible to manipulate the tableau to ensure that you get the results you are up to. When you move any face-up card from a pile to the next pile or over the suits, make sure the face down card is flipped into its best position. Try as much as possible to manipulate your cards by even moving a whole part of a pile over another or even placing cards under others. For instance, where you have a pile that starts with a queen and arranged in order up to two, and you have a sequence that is ending with a king, then move the one starting with a queen to the king to ensure you are following the right pattern. As you go on manipulating your tableau, you are likely to come across such scenarios, just remember what you have to do is to manipulate it un till you accomplish it.

Make use of your draw pile. While you go on manipulating your cards by moving them over here and there, you are, going to reach to a point where you don’t have any move left. Remember the draw pile you created, this is about time you used them. In such a case take one card at a time from the draw, until you find that one card that is suitable for your suit. If there is no card suitable for your next move from the draw, begin a new pile by shuffling the cards you discarded. Continue playing by ensuring you get a card suitable to build your suit and place them to the suit they fit in.

When you accomplish your goal of forming a suitable suit by classifying your cards successfully by ensuring every card is at its respective suit, the game now ends.

If you are keen to follow this write up, you will be able to win every spider solitaire game you play, be it the online free solitaire or the deck cards classic solitaire, you will have so much fun exploring the world of solitaire and every time you take your cards or log in to play, you are assured of a win. Explore the world of solitaire and find out why almost everyone is talking about it the kids, adults and even the aging.