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Italy The development of this product was initiated by the Verrochi family many years ago. While visiting Italy, the family observed CANARINO being served in its original, traditional form in restaurants, espresso bars and private homes. Upon return to the United States, the family decided to develop a commercial version of CANARINO. However, this proved a daunting task. Considerable difficulty was encountered obtaining trade rights. After years of diligent effort, the exclusive registered trademark was secured in both the United States and the European countries.

The Canarino-mobile Next a business plan was implemented that would duplicate the original taste of CANARINO; not an artificially-flavored imitation. Sounds easy, but not so. A lemon's size, shape, color and taste varies season to season. Our commercially produced CANARINO must maintain consistency in color and taste with no hint of bitterness. After years of many taste "cupping" meetings, the formula was finalized. Our goal of creating a delicious drink with no artificial contents, no calories, sugar or caffeine was finally achieved.

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