5 Innovative Social Media Marketing Techniques Recommended For You


Social media marketing is undoubtedly among formidable online marketing tools that a brand could put to use. Away from availing a bigger targeted audience to brands and businesses, social media also keeps them abreast with the trending activities in their respective area of specialty.


Social media marketing has availed a greener ground that only requires creativity and you get a chance to raise your brand’s awareness without spending a coin.


To help you shape your innovative marketing strategies, here are 5 creative, and clever techniques you can consider incorporating.


Posting real time content


The trend of posting real time content is on the raise. Posting real time videos and images has that call to action appeal that attracts the attention of viewers. Many twitter users for instance visit the site to check on trending content and any news updates. Establishing yourself as a resourceful brand will definitely set you apart.

A while ago, popular music label Cash Money streamed live updates from the Oscars. The content included videos and images of some of their label artists holding their trophies.


With little or no editing at all, Cash Money was able to capture the attention of a couple thousands of twitter users by using simple yet powerful strategy that appealed to their followers..

To ensure that content gets maximum viewership, brands can buy twitter likes. This strategy will ensure that their content reaches a wider audience by trending longer on twitter.

Optimistic oriented marketing


Optimistic marketing also dubbed as emotional marketing is one of the most ancient yet still effective strategy that a brand can put to use. This strategy entails creating content that appeals to the emotional self of the viewer by encouraging them and showing some positive side of the internet.

Popular brands as well as individuals have been known to capitalize on this approach and reaping hugely in terms of increased following and engagement rate.


For instance, Dove is among the popular brands that have majored on positive marketing. Since 2015, the brand embarked on positive marketing strategy by designing great content that was inspirational and motivating. And even went further to direct it to particular fans.

The brand has enjoyed huge following and lots of engagement since then thanks to the positive marketing approach.


Post regularly


One of the most valuable feature that instagram has is its video support tool. Videos increase engagement with about 25% compared to other forms of content. This is because visuals are more appealing to people naturally.


The advantage of videos is that they allow you to explore the width and length of your creativity. A video can consist of anything, furthermore you don’t have to observe some formalities that entail other type of content.

For instance NIKE is a firm that knows from experience how powerful videos are on instagram. Their videos are fully packed with comical content that attracts the attention of not only their followers but also other instagram users. This approach to marketing has earned them a reputation that is already paying off in terms of increased following and engagement level.


Brands can tap on this potential and take the campaign a notch high by buying instagram followers from an online credible vendor. A notable number of followers will make your account appear authentic and appealing in the eyes of instagram users.


This will generate more interest in your content hence garnering the type of engagement and attention that you want. You can as well buy instagram likes to ensure that the authentic appearance is complete. An instagram post with thousands of followers but only a few hundred likes would look suspicious. So combining both followers and likes will complete the authentic appearance of your account.


Become a source of trending topics


A big percentage of social media users depend on the social sites for real time updates of what is happening within specific niche of their interest. Making your brand as resourceful as possible will earn you your followers trust. They would be depending on you to know what is trending in that particular niche.


Taking advantage of this phenomenon makes you an influencer in the industry and people always pay attention to such individuals because of their resourcefulness.


This is an opportunity that anyone can exploit disregarding the size of command that a brand has on the platforms. For instance, Adobe incorporation firm has been over the years using online platforms to enhance the credibility of the brand as a resource of valuable information on the niche of computer software production.


The firm ensures that their informative posts are both authentic and timely. Their efforts have earned them a place among the thought leaders in that particular niche hence standing out as an authority in social sites.


Use of visually appealing content is currently the best in terms of attracting a substantial attention. Almost every social site has introduced video feature on their sites to tap on their potential to attract huge engagement. However, YouTube has taken the lead in this segment.


A business can use YouTube to post trending informative content in their particular niche. Such content can include new inventions, reviewing some product features or instructional videos on how to use certain products.

Such videos will create a strong follower base for your brand on YouTube. To ensure that your content gets to be viewed by a large number of people you can buy YouTube views to enhance the visibility of your channel.

Be creative in strengthening relationship bonds


A brand should invest in ways that strengthen the relationship that is already in existence with its followers. Sometimes the urge to get more followers can get in between the brand’s relationship with its existing followers such that all the content that they are producing is designed to appeal to new followers.


A research that confirmed this phenomenon indicates that brands are recording higher engagement rate from people who are not followers of their brand. Failure to create interesting content that is appealing to brand followers has been blamed for this phenomenon.


To avert this, post creative content that will appeal to your followers to identify with your brand.

This can be a simple picture of the top management around the offices or a team of employees popping champagne in a jovial mood. Such content shows the human side of the brand and people will be able to connect more with faces that they can identify rather than just a brand name and a profile picture.


Another creative way to revitalize the brands’ followers is ensuring there is consistent increase in engagement levels. 80% of brands’ followers do so because of the popularity of the brands. So if the engagement feels like it’s diminishing, followers lose interest easily. A brand with a facebook account can buy facebook likes. A post with several thousand likes is appealing enough to attract the attention of any social media users.


In conclusion


You can do a lot with social media and derive more from it by just being creative and innovative in your marketing approach. Be on top of every changing trend and be the first to adopt. Reach out to micro influencers and take make use of them to expand your brand’s popularity.


As a marketer, you shouldn’t limit yourself. Explore every available opportunity that is promising to give the brand that you are promoting a positive impact. This is the ultimate secrete to successful marketing.

You don’t have to pay out all that money on advertisement, by expanding the limits of a single tweet, you are inching closer to standing out among the rest as an authentic and credible brand.